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Off the Grid Movement programs transform the lives of many Coachella Valley children. By becoming a donor, you will help bring our high-quality educational martial arts programs to even more children. Off the Grid Movement is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of foundations, corporations, and individuals. Help us change lives! Your donation will give martial arts and fitness scholarships to low-income and underserved children in our community!

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About Off the Grid Movement

What is Off the Grid Movement’s mission?

To positively impact the lives of all children through fitness and martial arts programs that inspire excellence, instill confidence, encourage teamwork, and applaud persistence.

What is Off the Grid Movement’s philosophy?

It’s all about the children. Our focus on the children consistently guides our mission, business model and growth. It dictates a strong commitment to respect, high standards and stewardship every step of the way. 

What does Off the Grid Movement do?

We utilize martial arts such as capoeira as a catalyst to engage children and motivate them toward excellence. We also conduct our business in an environmentally friendly way, and we teach our students to respect our natural resources as well. 


Simply stated,

Off the Grid Movement changes children’s lives through martial arts and fitness!