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We carefully chose our invited international guests. They are both women and men, from all over the world. They are of all ages and experience levels. We are presenting to you the new generation of skilled, positive, open-minded capoeiristas


Ominira: The Art That We Love

October 3-6, 2019


Ominira is the Yoruba word for “freedom.” This year’s capoeira event focuses on the the art that we all love, while celebrating the freedom that we find through it. Freedom of expression, freedom of movement, and freedom of thought.
By embracing the “ominira” that we find in capoeira, we are able to celebrate our uniqueness and our oneness. We are striving to cultivate inclusion and acceptance at our event, and all capoeiristas are invited to attend.


Guest List

Mestre Paulinho Sabiá (GCB Niteroi)
Mestra Suelly (UCA Berkeley)

Formando Zamis (GCB Switzerland)
Contra Mestre Gugu Quilombola (São Paulo/Germany)
Contra Mestre Banano (LDM Mexico City)
Formando Sinistro (GCB Strasbourg, France)
Contra Mestre Grilo (Caçuá Capoeira Mexico City)
Mestrando Paulo Ricardo (Capoeira Jireh—Juiz de Fora, Brasil)
Contra Mestre Onça (Atitude Capoeira—Xalapa, Mexico)

Professor Saracuru (GCB DTLA)
Professor Mussum (CDO Vienna)
Professora Pimentinha (Ginga Mundo New York)
Professor Chipa (Ginga Mundo Oakland)
Professor Edgar Bombril (Capoeira Muzenza London, UK)
Professora Maria Bonita (GCB Medellin, Colombia)
Professora Lais (Capoeira Jireh—Juiz de Fora, Brasil)

Instrutora Clari (GCB Argentina)
Instrutor Jacaré (GCB Paris)
Instrutora Agua Viva (Candeias West Seattle)

Monitora Maya (Capoeira Ceara London)

And many more to be announced!



  • Capoeira Takedown Workshop

  • AcroMoving Workshop

  • Technique Workshop

  • Floreio Workshop

  • Music Workshop

  • Batizado and Troca de Cordas


  • Thursday October 3

    • 5pm-6pm Kids Workshop

    • 6pm-6:45pm Adult Workshop 1

    • 6:45pm-7:30pm Adult Workshop 2

    • 7:30pm-9pm Welcome Roda

  • Friday October 4

    • 2pm-3pm Adult Workshop 1

    • 3pm-4pm Adult Workshop 2

    • 4pm-5pm Adult Workshop 3

    • 4pm-5pm Kids Workshop

    • 5pm-6pm Adult Workshop 4

    • 6pm-6:45pm Music Workshop with Formando Sinistro

    • 7pm-10pm Roda

  • Saturday October 5

    • 10am-11am Adult Workshop 1

    • 11am-12pm Adult Workshop 2

    • 12pm-1pm Adult Workshop 3

    • 1pm-2pm Adult Workshop 4 AcroMoving with Contra Mestre Banano

    • 1pm-2pm Kids Workshop

    • 2pm-2:30pm Toddler Workshop

    • 3pm-5pm Batizado

    • 5:30pm-8pm Roda

  • Sunday October 6

    • 9am-10am Warmup and Movements with Contra Mestre Banano

    • 10am-1pm Roda

    • 1pm-3pm Potluck and Celebration