About Off the Grid Movement

Off the Grid Movement, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was founded in 2017 in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. The mission of Off the Grid Movement is to bring low-cost martial arts classes, kids activities, and family-friendly fitness to our community in the Coachella Valley, all while maintaining sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices. In March 2018, Off the Grid Movement moved to their current studio in Bermuda Dunes, where they offer a variety of fitness classes and workshops to toddlers, children, and adults. Fitness classes currently offered by Off the Grid Movement include the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and AfroBrazilian world dance classes, with many other movement arts classes on the horizon.

Meet the Founders

Mestre Mindinho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and has 35 years of capoeira experience. Valente began studying capoeira in 2006, and traveled to Brasil many times over the past decade to gain a deeper understanding of the art form. They were brought together because they share the same passion: capoeira. These two capoeiristas had a dream: to bring capoeira to the Coachella Valley in a big way. Through their love and dedication to this Brazilian martial art, they are turning this dream into a reality. In addition to offering capoeira classes in the non-profit movement arts studio in Bermuda Dunes, they also offer low-cost capoeira classes in the local recreation center to toddlers and school-age children, and host various free community capoeira events around Coachella Valley.


Mindinho & Valente